Thursday, December 7, 2023

MMA athletes excel in Delhi Combat Championship


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By Our Reporter

Shillong, Nov 19: Three Meghalaya athletes Wanlambok Lyngdoh, Jerose Lamare, and Echwamidao Phawa – returned triumphantly with medals from the prestigious Abu Dhabi Combat Championship (ADCC) held in Delhi.
Regarded as the foremost submission grappling tournament globally, the ADCC draws top-tier martial artists specializing in various grappling disciplines from around the world, as highlighted in a recent press release. Known for its rigorous competition, the ADCC stands as the ultimate benchmark for excellence in the realm of grappling combat.
Echwamidao Phawa emerged as a standout, claiming the gold medal in a display of exceptional skill and determination. Jerose Lamare, showcasing remarkable technique and resilience, secured a well-deserved silver medal. Making an impactful debut in his first competition, Wanlambok Lyngdoh exhibited impressive prowess, earning a bronze medal.In an additional triumph for the Happy Red Rooster MMA family, Nick, a former member who relocated to Delhi and currently trains at Rebel MMA, secured a silver medal in his respective weight category.
A statement in the release expressed immense pride in the achievements of Happy Red Rooster MMA’s athletes at the ADCC, emphasizing the team’s unwavering commitment to nurturing talent and fostering excellence in the sport. The success of these athletes, along with former members like Nick, serves as a testament to the center’s dedication to producing elite fighters, further solidifying its reputation in the competitive world of mixed martial arts.
As the curtains fall on the Abu Dhabi Combat Championship (ADCC), the success of Happy Red Rooster MMA’s athletes resonates not only as a testament to individual skill but also as a collective triumph for the team’s dedication to excellence.
The medals earned by Wanlambok Lyngdoh, Jerose Lamare, and Echwamidao Phawa, along with the commendable performance of former member Nick, underscore the training center’s commitment to producing top-tier fighters. Happy Red Rooster MMA stands proud, its achievements at the ADCC.

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