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NEW Bike Expedition Season 2 promotes NE destinations


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Shillong, Aug 20: A group of the ten bikers are visiting various parts of Meghalaya as part of the North East on Wheels (NEW) Bike Expedition Season 2.
In this year’s expedition, 45 participants from different parts of the country and professional backgrounds are travelling in 3 groups named after the Birds & Animals found in the region viz. Rhino, Falcon, & Myna.
During this ten-day expedition, the bikers will travel through almost all major cities & towns of the 4 states in the region-Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya & Nagaland.
The idea is to showcase the natural beauty and rich cultural traditions of the hospitable people of the region.
The primary objective of this expedition was to help to boost and promote tourism in the Northeast and help showcase this beautiful region and its performative character through diverse lenses.
The Expedition is based on three themes- Dekho Apna Desh to promote Domestic Tourism which could be the single largest employer in the North East Region, Amrit Kaal celebrating the 75th year of our Independence & marching towards Amrit Kaal and Road Safety to create awareness amongst the people about the need to follow protocols necessary to take maximum advantage of the improving road infrastructure.
During the journey, the riders will pay tributes to our national heroes, interact with local communities and promote through social media, the rich Flora & fauna, cultural rainbow & performative character of the citizens supporting the cause of ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’ in true spirit.
While interacting to a section of the media at the Tirot Sing Guest House, NEHU before proceeding to Dawki on Monday, coordinator of this bike expedition, Prasad Jog who hails from Pune said that the North East on Wheel was started to introduce North East to other areas of the country as well increasing the love for riding and making the people aware about the beautiful landscape and nature of this beautiful part of this country.
“We are also trying to promote the road safety part. I am pleased to see the road condition of this part of the country. It is very well maintained and not to forget the hospitality of the people,” Jog who is also part of the backup team, he said.
Meanwhile, a software engineer from the United States, Saravana Perumal said that this is one of best journeys he ever had since he is enjoying the beauty of nature and experiencing the kindness of the people from this part of the country.
“One of the things that stood out so much in the northeast, I met some amazing people and I learned a lot from them. The kinds of experiences that you can get anywhere else in the world can get right here,” Perumal, who hails from Pondicherry said.
According to him, this region stands out because of its diversity in the flora and the fauna, and the natural forests, and the waterfalls and the beauty that comes with it.
He said that he heard from one of the participants that once upon a time the northeast would contribute 26% to the GDP of India.
“I hope someday it will contribute even more with the kind of infrastructure development that’s happening today. And especially in the last decade or so, there has been a lot of improvement that has happened in this particular region,” the software engineer from the US who is an ardent bike rider said.
One of the specially abled riders who is participating in this bike expedition, Aamir Shaikh said that this North East on Wheel is an opportunity to know about the culture of the different tribes of the region.
“We belong to Delhi and there is a general feeling that the people from the North East are different from us. But how can we make such a conclusion before we understand their culture,” Shaikh said.
Talking about the Amazing Namaste Foundation, he said that the foundation which he is part of is promoting the road safety campaign since as per the NCRB data about 1 lakh people every year die of road accidents.
According to him, the main causes of accidents since people are not using the safety and people are not wearing helmets while riding their bikes and two wheelers which is compulsory.
Shaikh also said that they are promoting a campaign that all the tourist spots should be accessible to all the specially abled people with facilities which will help them to understand the world better.
One of the shortage of two wheeler riders in the country, Govinda said that he would like to express his gratitude to the Amazing Namaste Foundation for selecting him to be part of the North East Wheel ride.
He said that it is not physical disability but mental disability which is a major stumbling block which prevents people from doing impossible things despite their limitations.
“I am happy to see many of the specially abled people are motivated with the things he has managed to do,” he said.
The lone woman rider in the group, Vaidehi Hiremath said that this was the first expedition which she has ridden a bike this long.
“It was a great experience. The landscapes are very beautiful. I have come across many wonderful people during this ride,” she said.
Hiremath also admitted that she was not aware that this part of the country has such beautiful people.
She also said that she will tell a lot of people about her experience and appeal to them to visit to experience the beauty of this region.

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