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Man arrested in Odisha for orchestrating snakebite deaths of wife and daughter


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Shillong, November 24: In a disturbing incident in Odisha’s Ganjam district, police have arrested a man, K Ganesh Patra, in connection with the death of his wife and two-year-old daughter due to a snakebite.

As per India Today, allegedly driven by a marital dispute, Patra devised a plan to eliminate them. Acquiring a Cobra from a snake charmer, he released it into their room on October 7.

The snake bit the mother-daughter duo, leading to their death in a local hospital. Initially perceived as a snakebite case, the investigation took a turn when the father-in-law filed an FIR. Police, delving into the matter, discovered Patra’s involvement and arrested him.

The charmer, who provided the snake, will also undergo interrogation as part of the ongoing investigation.


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