Friday, April 19, 2024

Israel foreign ministry to distribute Hamas atrocities report globally


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Shillong, February 22: Israel‘s foreign ministry will distribute globally a report of the Association of Aid Centers for Victims of Sexual Assault detailing the systematic abuse committed by Hamas during the massacre in the southern Israel on October 7.

This, according to the ministry, will be the first step of an extensive public diplomacy campaign by the Israel government worldwide.

The detailed evidence collected on systematic sexual crimes committed by Hamas terrorists against Israeli citizens during the October 7 attack will be showcased across the globe.

Israel Foreign Minister, Israel Katz instructed to translate the report published as soon as possible and distribute the translated versions to the whole world with the help of Israeli embassies abroad.

Kantz in a statement said “The horrors of October 7 continue to be revealed even many months later,”

He adds, “The crimes of sexual violence, which find expression in this important report, will serve the State of Israel in its ceaseless war against the terrorist organization Hamas in the political arena.”

The Israel Foreign Ministry in recent weeks is in the process of raising international awareness of the issue of harm and violence by Hamas terrorists in Israel.

The report was published on Wednesday and is the most comprehensive one so far conducted on the attack. This includes dozens of confidential and visible information, including survivor testimonies, interviews with rescue and treatment forces, information that was allowed to be published, and inquiries.

The report states that the Hamas attack included violent acts of rape, with the threat of weapons, which in some cases were aimed at injured women.

As per the report, the rape was carried out in front of spouse, family, or friends which was done in a manner designed to increase the pain and helplessness of all those present and to sow additional terror. (IANS)


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