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Hamas planning to escalate issues in Palestine during Ramadan period, says Mossad


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Shillong, March 10: The Israeli spy agency, Mossad, has said that the ceasefire talks with Hamas at the behest of American, Qatari and Egyptian mediators are not progressing and that Hamas was planning to escalate tensions during the Ramadan.

The Israel Prime Minister‘s Office in a statement late Saturday said that Mossad chief David Barnra had met the head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), William Burns at Amman, Jordan recently.

According to the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, Mossad chief has informed the CIA head that Hamas was trying to create more tensions in the Gaza strip making it difficult for the Palestinian people.

However, the statement said that all efforts are being taken to prevent any escalation of tensions and mediators are working to make a ceasefire deal possible.

At least 134 Israeli hostages are in the custody of Hamas in Gaza strip (Israel intelligence agencies have reported that of this 31 were dead) and Israel had wanted a list of hostages who are alive.

Hamas had overlooked this demand and said that the hostages were in the custody of several fringe groups and not only with Hamas. (IANS)


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