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Some rendered homeless: Jirang MLA reveals woes


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From Our Correspondent

NONGPOH, April 1: The devastating cyclonic storm that struck various parts of Ri-Bhoi district on Sunday afternoon has prompted expressions of deep concern from local leaders and community representatives. Sosthenes Sohtun, the legislator of Jirang constituency, addressed the press on Monday to highlight the significant impact of the cyclone on his constituency, emphasizing the plight of those left homeless and the extensive damage inflicted upon standing crops and vegetation.
Sohtun recounted receiving distress calls from numerous headmen within his constituency, reporting severe damage across more than ten villages. Among the affected areas are Pahamumsaliang, Umshalini, Gunpati, Jalukpaham, Matang, Umsohpai, and other villages within the Jirang region. While additional affected villages were mentioned, confirmation of their status is pending.
The legislator underscored the challenges faced by government officials attempting to access affected areas due to blocked roads caused by fallen trees. Sohtun appealed for patience from affected residents, assuring them of ongoing efforts by government agencies, including the Deputy Commissioner of Ri-Bhoi and the Block Development Officer of Jirang C&RD Block, to assess damages and distribute relief materials.
Many residents, whose homes were destroyed by the cyclone, have sought shelter in schools, community halls, and with neighbors. Sohtun highlighted not only the loss of homes but also the extensive damage to crops such as betel nuts and rubber trees.
Sohtun revealed discussions with Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong and other state officials, urging them to allocate special relief packages for affected constituents. These packages are intended to facilitate the rebuilding of homes and support affected individuals in starting anew.
Meanwhile, Blikshon Sohtun, president of the Synjuk ki Rangbah Shnong Border Area of Raid Nongtung, reported that twenty-eight houses in Block II of Raid Nongtung were severely affected.
Villages including Ummat I, Ummat II, and Nongsder witnessed homes being destroyed and crops damaged within few minutes. Blikshon Sohtun called upon the state government to promptly assess damages and provide necessary relief materials to affected communities as they navigate the challenges of rebuilding their lives and livelihoods.


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