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GH groups seek curbs on heavy trucks following road mishap


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From Our Correspondent

TURA, April 22: In the wake of a major road mishap involving two minor girls in a scooter and a dumper truck on April 20 in which, one of the victims sustained major damage to one of her legs, combined organisation from Garo Hills on Monday have called on the district administration to change the timing of entry for heavy trucks as well as certain mechanisms for its regulation to be put in place.
The road mishap on April 20 had shocked the whole town as well as the region in which a dumper truck ran over two scooter-borne minor girls at Ballonggre, resulting in one of them losing half of her lower limb.
The combined organisation including the GSU, FKJGP, AYWO, ADE and FAF in their letter to the Deputy Commissioner sought a change to the timing of entry for heavy trucks after concerns were raised by many citizens over such mishaps involving dumper trucks taking place frequently.
“The timings for entry of these heavy trucks to and from Tura and its adjoining areas should be restricted and the previous order of the district administration during the tenure of Pravin Bakshi, the then Deputy Commissioner of West Garo Hills with regard to the timing of entry of heavy trucks should be imposed at the earliest i.e. trucks should restricted from entering Tura and its adjoining areas from 7am to 7pm,” the groups said, in the letter.
The groups also demanded that medical expenses be borne by the authorities and a certain amount of compensation should be given to the victims and their families. They also suggested stoppage points for the trucks viz., Darengre for trucks coming from Baghmara, Dalu and Chokpot, Rongram for trucks coming from Paikan, Krishnai, North and East Garo Hills and Damalgre for trucks coming from Mankachar, Phulbari and other places of South West Garo Hills.
Besides, the groups also sought that strict regulations with regards to over-speeding and overloading of these trucks be put in place to minimize the damages incurred to property and life in case of any future accidents.


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