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NGO claims Shillong Peak in rack and ruin, calls for action


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SHILLONG, June 13: The Green Tech Foundation, an environmental NGO, has issued a call for action against the sorry state of affairs at Shillong Peak.
As per the NGO, Shillong Peak, a popular tourist destination under the jurisdiction of Hima Mylliem, is on the brink of becoming a hub for illegal activities.
The foundation has reported that the once-pristine viewpoint is now marred by widespread littering and unrestricted access, transforming it into a dumping ground for garbage.
Recent observations reveal that the site has become a mini-mart of sorts, where individuals freely consume alcohol and other intoxicants late into the night without any oversight by authorities.
The foundation also said that the absence of entry inspections has resulted in the unrestricted flow of individuals who misuse the space, leaving behind a trail of litter and further tarnishing the once-revered site.
The lack of proper infrastructure, such as walls or fencing, has only compounded these issues, making it easier for such activities to continue unchecked.
In addition to the concerns at Shillong Peak, the nearby Laitkor Peak is also at risk of falling into a similar state of disrepair if no action is taken.
The Green Tech Foundation has urged the Syiem of Hima Mylliem to implement immediate measures to restore and protect these vital environmental and tourist sites.


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