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Big B recalls how his mother made clothes with ‘limited means’ for protection against winter


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Shillong, June 18: Megastar Amitabh Bachchan reminisced about how his mother, Teji Bachchan, made clothing with “limited means” to protect him from the cold during “winter in the North.”


“In the age of young… in the winter of the North… Mother in her limited means made clothing to protect us from the cold,” wrote Amitabh, who was born in Allahabad, now known as Prayagraj, in his blog.


Describing the clothing his late mother made, he said it was blanket-like.


“It was rough, blanket-like – for that was what was available at the means of limitation… it was such a discomfort to wear it… but it was insisted… and Mother was not disobeyed… the pant was most in discomfort,” he said.


The cine icon revealed that he would complain to his mother that the pants were uncomfortable.


“We would complain : ‘Maa bahut gadhta hai’. But we had to bear it… until one fine day a solution occurred…before wearing the ‘gadta hua patloon’, I would wear the cotton pyjama that used to be our night dress… and then wear the pant over it… no one knew, and the gadna band!” he wrote.


He added: “Now , with the advent of superior quality .. superior warmth protection .. there is only remembrance .. the discomfort, details itself more on whether it is keeping with the latest social wear, fashion etc.…”


“And yes by the prayers and blessings of the elders the limited means, converted to a mere ‘means’…”


Now, he said, the comfortable wear is his “pyjama.”


“And at 82 .. the most wearable wear and with the comfort of the self is indeed the ‘pyjama’… the ‘chudi daar’ the ‘salwar’… Soft, gentle on the body… and conditioned for ventilation.”


However, the “pyjama” has a shortcoming.


He shared: “It’s only shortcoming is the ‘nada’ … shortcoming is now a cliché, for the showing outside beyond the confines of the top, the ‘kurta’ was moment of great mirth tease and laughter: ‘Aye tera naara dikh raha hai’ and convulsive laughter.”


“BUT… now they tell me, the showing of the ‘nada’ is fashionable!!” (IANS)


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