Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Pathetic postal services


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The letter by Salil Gewali – ‘Postal services in Meghalaya gone to the dogs’(ST 4th July, 2024) made interesting reading. It is really surprising to know that the document posted from Shillong reached its destination ( Tura) only after 13 days whereas the motorable journey from Shillong to Tura takes hardly 8 to 9 hours. This indeed is a matter of great concern. It shows the nonchalance of the Indian Postal Services another government departments that needs an overhaul.
At one time the postal service was the only source of communication in India. We were fully dependant on it. Many failures in the service of the Postal Department have gone without complaint by the public owing to dearth of other alternative services in the country. But at present in the so-called New India which is a rapidly developing nation it is surprising that the Postal Department has been allowed to degenerate to snail’s pace. This is a case of complete failure of the concerned department that has estranged itself from the people and made them turn away from using its services especially on urgent matters. What is the Postmaster General doing to address these fault lines?
Yours etc.,
Deepak Chhetry
Tura, Meghalaya
Jowai’s abandoned Govt girls’ hostel

It is now 3 months since various media outlets have highlighted the issue of the abandoned Government Girls’ Hostel in Jowai. Kudos to these two-news outlets for highlighting issues which don’t appears significant for our stakeholders. Three months have passed by and still nothing is being done to renovate the abandoned building. In these three months not even one a single leader from Jaintia Hills has spoken about or taken up the matter of this dilapidated Girls’ Hostel which is no longer fit for occupation. Perhaps this issue is not so popular among the masses and does not make political sense to those elected to address these issues. What was once a place for accommodation for girls from distant places is now another government building left in ruins. No one knows what the future holds for such buildings. Looking at the dilapidated condition of the building! God forbid if a natural calamity occurs and deeply impacts the neighbouring localities in its vicinity. Just like the critical garbage issue in Jowai, nothing is being solved. Similarly the Supermarket issue at Iawmusiang too is lying incomplete! In the same manner just like the abandoned Govt Girls Hostel in Jowai, we residents of Jowai too feel abandoned by our MLA and Government! We are left to our own devices for God knows how long!
Yours etc.,
Omarka Laloo

SRGT rejoinder lacks substance

The clarification from the Shillong Recreation Ground Trust (SRGT) smacks of indefensible justifications and questions galore. The questions that arise are – who were the founders of SRGT and how were the present members of the Trust appointed. The amount of revenue generated from the Polo grounds must be substantial. Are the accounts of SRGT duly audited and taxable? What are the recreational activities encouraged by the Trust? Lastly how was the property next to Golf Course sold to an influential individual where now stands a monstrous RCC building?
The trustees are affluent powerful individuals who need to answer the above questions and the Government is duty bound to initiate an enquiry on the loss of revenue.
Yours etc.,
PS Nongsteng,
Via email

No religion preaches hatred

A truly religious Hindu like Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, and Mahatma Gandhi cannot indulge in hatred and violence. But this is equally true for every person who belongs to a different religion. It is also equally applicable to a true human being who does not believe in any religion but believes in God. Even a person who has faith in ethics and empathy but is an atheist remains far away from hatred and violence. Lord Buddha himself did not accept or deny the existence of God. He said, “Driven only by fear, do men go for refuge to many places — to hills, woods, groves, trees, and shrines” (The Dhammapada 188), and “Such, indeed, is no safe refuge; such is not the refuge supreme” (The Dhammapada 189). But he always was against hatred and violence.
Yours etc.,
Sujit De,


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