NPP expels rebel MDC Boston

TURA: The young man who fought his way to the political limelight as a featherweight only to be acknowledged by none other than his uncle and Garo Hills’ greatest political stalwart, Purno Agitok Sangma, and become a heavyweight by winning an election saw his dream run in the party cut short. Boston Ch Marak, chairman of the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC) and elected member of the National People’s Party (NPP) from Nogorpara MDC seat, was expelled from the party on Monday. Boston’s father and late Sangma were brothers. NPP’s state unit announced the expulsion on Monday citing Marak’s refusal to reply to a showcause notice issued to him on April 3 over the developments that unfolded in GHADC during the budget session when the controversial Garo Customary Laws Bill was tabled for a vote. The bill, which barred a child from being acknowledged as a tribal if one of his parents is non-Garo, was passed by a majority during that session. Minutes after the passing of the bill, the NPP-led executive committee in the GHADC led by Denang T. Sangma collapsed after a rebellion in the house allegedly spearheaded by none other than Marak. Accusing Boston of playing Judas, NPP alleged that it was the handiwork of Chief Minister Mukul Sangma who offered the former the position of chief executive member in the GHADC to stall the passing of the customary law bill. “He has been expelled for his failure to respond to a showcause notice issued on April 3 as well as for his actions against the party,” said NPP working president Semford B. Sangma in a statement. Attempts at getting across Marak were unsuccessful as he refused to answer phone calls. Senior NPP MLA and elder son of late P.A Sangma, James Pangsang K. Sangma, said, “Every party has to follow rules. We tried to reach out to him (Boston) many times as a family and further as a political ) party but every time he shunned the gesture from our part. The message was clear – he no longer wanted to be part of NPP and we all know why he took the step.” Boston was first elected as an MDC of Nogorpara constituency from the now defunct A’chik National Council (ANC). He later joined his uncle P.A Sangma’s party and unsuccessfully contested the 2013 assembly elections from Salmanpara constituency. Despite the reversal in the state polls, he was able to stage a dramatic comeback by retaining the Nogorpara MDC seat in the 2015 GHADC polls.

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