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Why blame the trucks?


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For every traffic snarl in Shillong city and along the two highways, coal trucks are blamed. As a matter of fact coal trucks with 9 tonnes of load are seen to move with smoothness and ease. In the context we rather have to be grateful to these truckers (of 9 tonnes) who display tremendous broadmindedness in bearing the 9 hour no entry at Smit and Mawiong. Nowhere in our country or in the world will we find no entry signs on National Highways. Without being pardoned of vehicle taxes, these truckers have to stay idle at these no entry points for no fault of theirs but for twenty five long years of irresponsible and lackadaisical attitude of different governments in power. This time though, we are bit lucky that the bypass is coming up although the urgency for completing it is not from the State but from the Centre. With trucks from all over the country especially the multi axles avoiding the Assam east west corridor to crawl and inch through our so called national highways with lots of weak bridges, un-negotiable hairpin bends and devoid of any mobile courts to check illegal trucks the coming winter months would witness pounding of these trucks in unimaginable proportion. Being an ex-teacher I don’t want to hear again those sweet hypocritical statements that invigilators in examination hall are directed to allow examinees (who are mostly in tears and desperation) to appear no matter how late they are! (which act is against examination rule printed in the Admit Card)

Yours etc.,

Wandell Passah,


St. Edmund’s College.

 Toxic chemicals kill fish


We live on a small property in Hima Mawphlang, Lyngkein, doing our little part in starting a small tourist project. What a surprise to wake up yesterday to our beautiful clean river all mucky and brown. Initially I thought someone must be digging somewhere upstream. It was only later in the day, when I saw all the villagers out with baskets and nets collecting dead fish from the river, that I learnt that the PHE Mawphlang had released chemicals (can’t be sure which ones) into the river. This has causes all the fish to die in Wah Lyngkein, which is in the valley below Mawphlang. What a sad event to witness and realize that an organization such as the PHE could do something like this, without caring for the consequences. It is my hope that those responsible are held accountable.

Yours etc.,

James M Perry

 RTE Act


I am happy that the Right to Education (RTE) Act has been implemented. But I wonder if the people and the school authorities are aware about it. When I was in school I used to get upset and hated school as the teachers failed to motivate me. I used to wish there was some way that teachers could be evaluated for their teaching skills. My experience is that many who cannot do anything else in life become teachers and bad teachers at that. My dreams have now come true since students can also evaluate their teachers. My brother who is still in school and who excels in his academics suddenly flunked in the ninth standard and refused to go to school. What could be the reason? Aren’t the authorities aware of the Continued Education Evaluation (CEE) System? I pity the pupils who are diligent and good at their academics but went down drastically as they are bullied by teachers. Certain schools prescribe textbooks for class ten even while students are in the ninth standard. Where is the quality of education? And why this short cut? Moreover the students need to be handled with love, care, and affection by the teachers. The attitude of teachers has to change; then only shall we see the change in attitude of students…our future citizens….THE RTE Act will be successfully implemented only when we make it our own and use it as a right. Let us start exercising this right for ensuring healthy education.

Yours etc.,

B Khongknaw,

Via email

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