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Good policing!


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I was delighted to read the report in your paper about the traffic policeman who had the nerve to pull up and to fine a minister for wrong parking. Kudos to the traffic warden! Many more like him and I am sure some of our arrogant politicians will learn to be a bit more humble. Compare the arrogance of this minister to what happened here in the UK recently. At a football match the camera man was panning the crowd with his camera when he suddenly stopped and focused on a man sitting with a small boy in one corner of the public stands. It took the camera man a while to recognise the person – he was none other than David Cameron, the Prime Minister of England sitting there quietly with his son and yes, if I may stress, in the public stands amongst the crowd with no fuss, no special arrangements and no gunmen or black cats to be seen around him ( though considering the threat that he is under he must have been closely guarded). Best of all, the public were not inconvenienced in any way by his presence there, no special treatment was given to him by the club authorities. After the match, he left quietly and unobtrusively. Can you imagine our public leaders and this sort of thing happening? Our leaders do not believe in being humble and that is why we need more people like the policeman above. Bonus points must be added to his service record.

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 The tourism culture


Apropos the article published in your esteemed daily about the Governor of Mizoram commenting on tourism and its scope in Mizoram, I wholeheartedly agree that tourism is one sector which can bring about large scale development not only in Mizoram but in other north eastern states. Having been raised in Shillong, and having studied and worked in places like Delhi, Bangalore etc., I feel that tourism is partially responsible for the development of these places. And having spent a considerable amount of time here in Mizoram as well, I feel that tourism still has a long way to go. Mindsets have to change. People are yet to understand the potential that tourism holds and the benefits that can accrue from it. People look at a visitor from the plains and they immediately welcome that person with “Vai”..a crude term that is the equivalent of the Khasi word “Dkhar.” How are tourists supposed to feel welcome when they are greeted with rude remarks and incessant stares? Here people are still in awe of people with fair skin. A beggar from the US would be made to feel more welcome than a respectable gentleman from, say, Mumbai. Infrastructure is another major issue with accommodation, transport and roads leaving much to be desired. The Inner Line Permit required by people from outside the State is not hard to obtain for legitimate tourists. In conclusion, the State Government has to do a lot more than just paint signboards and give speeches about tourism whenever they feel like it.

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Raymond Lalmuana,

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