Assam politician ‘sponsoring’ candidate in Meghalaya


By Our Reporter

 SHILLONG: A Congress politician from Assam is ‘going all out’ to ensure the defeat of Rambrai MDC KP Pangngiang by ‘sponsoring’ the election campaign of his political opponent in the upcoming 2013 Assembly election, sources informed on Thursday.

According to the sources, the Congress politician from Assam wants Pangngiang (who is contesting on an HSPDP ticket from Rambrai-Jyrngam constituency) to lose the upcoming election, since he has been responsible for motivating local villagers of Langpih to fight against any attempt on the part of the Assam government to encroach further into the area.

The sources, however, said that they have not been able to establish whether the Assam Government has any hand in this ‘funding’ of the election campaign.

“It is really shocking that Assam is now attempting to interfere even in our election process,” the sources said, adding that this is a very serious matter since the people residing along the villages in the inter-State border have been suffering for the past so many years due to continuous harassment by Assam police personnel.