Cabinet raises price ceilings for government vehicles

Rs 40L limit for Guv, CM, says Tynsong in defence

SHILLONG: The state government may be under financial stress and its chief minister may run to the Centre with a begging bowl for various projects but its pockets get deeper when it comes to pampering its ministers.
The government, instead of suggesting austere measures, on Wednesday decided to enhance the price limit of vehicles for VIPs and officials.
But Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong had his arguments ready in support of the move.
He told media persons after a Cabinet meeting here that earlier there was no price limit for vehicles of the governor and the chief minister but now the government has put a ceiling of Rs 40 lakh for the same.
He also said the price limit for vehicles of the deputy chief minister, the chief secretary and Cabinet ministers is now up to Rs 20 lakh, a rise from Rs 15 lakh.
Similarly, the price limit for vehicles of the additional chief secretary, DGP and the principal secretary is now Rs 12 lakh, an increase from Rs 10 lakh.
The price limit for vehicles of secretary, deputy commissioner and IGP is now Rs 9 lakh, Rs 7.5 lakh for heads of the department and Rs 7 lakh for district level officers.
Tynsong said the old price ceilings “are totally irrelevant since prices of vehicles have gone up”.
When asked if the decision is a matter of prestige or comfort, Tynsong said, “The decision is a matter of necessity.”
He added that the government revises the price ceilings every 3-4 years and if it does not fix a maximum rate for vehicles, then even DC or SP may buy vehicles worth Rs 20-30 lakh.
He also said the government is sending a good message to the people of the state with the decision since all these years, there was no limit on the vehicles of the governor and the chief minister or they could have bought vehicles even up to Rs 2-3 crore.

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