Hawkers on pavements pose hurdles to all in Shillong


SHILLONG:    The presence of large number of hawkers on the footpaths of  Shillong is now posing hurdles and hardship  not only for common people but even for  persons with disability too.

Addressing a press conference here on Monday as Amway India celebrates International White Cane Day with Bethany Society, Bertha Dkhar , headmistress of the Jyoti Sroat School   has asserted that footpaths were meant for pedestrians walk and not for marketing.

Echoing similar views Carmo Noronha, Executive Director of Bethany Society said, “ Now Everybody talks about  Statue of Liberty but nobody talks about statue of responsibility.”

He said that everyone has the right to walk and there should be a movement in Shillong about this even as he recalled Shillong earlier used to be a place for walk.

Some PWDs with visual impairment while sharing their views also said  that they  were treated badly by people and they were  often said  when they dash against someone  : “ Why don’t you sit at home or come out with somebody when you can’t see.”


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