Ri Bhoi police file case against media outlet over unverified report on oil spillage on road

SHILLONG: Ri Bhoi police have registered a suo moto case against a Guwahati based G Plus print and digital media brand for continuously publishing “ alleged fabricated news items  accusing “locals of “spilling oil” on  Guwahati –Shillong road to harass commuters

The media brand recently published a news items on the basis of some commuters who alleged of Meghalaya locals deliberately spilling Mobil or oil on Guwahati-Shillong road

 As  per the digital news channel, several new incidents of alleged oil spill on one of the most popular routes in the region have come to the fore after a few Guwahatians complained of Meghalaya locals deliberately spilling Mobil or oil on roads to harass commuters.    

The media while quoting unidentified people says that in a recent incident, a Guwahati resident was travelling with her relatives to Shillong via the Guwahati-Shillong Road when their car lost control and fell in the drain along the side of the road and soon after the crash,   a group of locals appear on the scene,”

This is not the first time when the particular media has published the same news as earlier this year, the company had published similar news   saying that a Guwahati resident who was travelling to Shillong was involved in an accident when his car skidded off the road and landed in a small ditch.  Quoting the  people involved in the incident, the media said that some locals were involved in such activity where they spilled oil or Mobil on the roads so as to make the cars skid.

When contacted, Ri Bhoi police confirmed that they had filed a suo moto FIR against the digital brand and a case had been registered.

Officials said that they were going to call the staff of the particular news media to ask them as to how could they publish such stories without any confirmation

“They cannot blame us unnecessarily and all their allegations are untrue,” a senior cop from the district said

Earlier, even the official  Facebook page of Meghalaya police asserted that they had not received any reports of such activities to make cars skid.

“There have been mishaps on the route, but not because of alleged oil spillage on the road. Do not believe unverified claims & contact DySP HQ on 9615716153 to report such alleged oil spilling incidents, if any, “ Meghalaya police said.

Following the  unverified report of the media house on the same issue earlier this year, the   residents in Ri Bhoi had even registered their protest against the move.

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