Speed restrictions imposed on highway through flood-hit KNP

GUWAHATI:  Speed restrictions have been imposed along the national highway through Kaziranga National Park in Assam  as flood-hit animals from the  Park have started coming out to cross the highway to take shelter on highland to the south of the Park.

Park authorities have stepped into regulate speed of vehicles travelling on the highway besides clamping restrictions under Section 144 CrPC

Forest officials have started issuing time card to vehicles which are now required to cross the stretch of the highway between Bokakhat and Jakhalabandha travelling at the maximum speed of 40 km/hour in order to avoid collision with park animals which may be crossing the highway.

Sources said that over 50 per cent area in the National Park has been deluged so far and there is no serious danger to it as the flood water is rising very gradually in the low lying areas in the rhino abode.

In view of the flood-time increase in workload, the Park authorities held meeting with various NGOs on Sunday to work out a joint strategy to ensure safety of flood-hit animals which are going to come out of the park. Each of the NGOs have been assigned to keep vigil on different portions of the national highway by deploying their volunteers along with forest personnel especially during night hours.

Accordingly, Bhumi has been tasked to keep vigil on the highway in Panbari Range, Corbett Foundation in Kohora Range, WWF in Bagori Range and Aaranyak in Burapahar Range.

The Park authority has laid down strict norms for volunteers to follow because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides, volunteers have been asked to submit their photographs and other personal details along with an approval letter from the head of their respective institutions. They are allotted work by the authority.


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