Youth Congress protests fuel price hike in Garo Hills

TURA: Members of the Meghalaya Pradesh Youth Congress on Monday submitted a memorandum to the President of India through the South West Garo Hills deputy commissioner protesting the Modi government’s ‘continuous’ price hike on petrol and diesel for the last many months.
The memorandum was submitted by MPYC president Richard Marak and Salmanpara Congress legislator Winnerson D Sangma before deputy commissioner Ch. Ram Krishna.
Later, in a statement, the Congress accused the Modi government of deliberately raising the cost of fuel at the expense of the common man.
“Since the time Modi government took office in 2014 and until now excise duty on fuel has been raised by several hundred percentage. Modi govt has earned 16 lakh crore of rupees by raising the prices of fuel. Excise on diesel has been raised by over 800 percent and petrol by more than 250 percent in the country,” complained the Youth Congress president.
Accusing the govt of being heartless, he said “In the last three months when the Covid crisis has gripped the country and the people are suffering, the Modi government has raised the price of diesel by Rs 26 and petrol by Rs 21. Most glaring is the central government’s raising of the fuel for 18 consecutive days in the month of June.”
The Congress has urged upon the President of India to direct the Modi government to roll back the fuel prices and pass on the benefits of the hike in the last three months to the people of India.

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