State entrepreneurs embrace digital knowledge-sharing

SHILLONG: An international consulting firm, IPE Global, Managed Services Operating Partner (MSOP) for Meghalaya State Skills Development Society (MSSDS), facilitated a virtual international conference n ‘Youth entrepreneurship: A step for re-purposing local development’ on Saturday.
International youth entrepreneurs and community leaders from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Myanmar, Nepal, and Thailand participated in knowledge-exchange.
The discussion mainly revolved around importance of youth entrepreneurship amidst COVID-19, the importance of strengthening the local economy through entrepreneurship opportunities and youth as drivers of entrepreneurial activities in their communities, regions, and countries.
The MSOP virtual conference brought international, national and local expertise together to address common challenges. B Hajong, Executive Director, MSSDS inaugurated the conference and Dr Shashi Ranjan Jha, Associate Director, Education, and Skills, IPE Global presented the theme.
Hajong, during his opening remarks, lauded the MSOP team for initiating the global conference as it would provide new ideas and exchange of knowledge to help entrepreneurs and youth all over the world.
He reiterated on government support and mentorship for helping entrepreneurs.
On the relevance of the conference, Hajong said that “Initiatives like this not only brings best practices in light but also provides opportunity to explore new ideas, spark collaborations, and deepen connections in support of our work with young entrepreneurs in Meghalaya.”
Over 200 people participated in the conference from all across the world with some engaging and interactive discussion about youth entrepreneurship.
The major takeaways of the virtual conference include emphasis on technology-driven activities, supporting small businesses through buying local products, promoting women-led start-ups, nurturing community volunteers, utilising opportunities present in agriculture sector, bringing system-thinking, strengthening institution structure and lastly the need to build cross linkages and strengthen demand supply chain.
Shalender Sharma, Director, Education and Skills, IPE Global said that “MSOP project in Meghalaya under Supporting Human Capital Development in Meghalaya (SHCDM), supported by the Asian Development Bank is committed to providing support to Meghalaya entrepreneurs on inception, operation, scale-up, and sustainability through entrepreneurship development activities.”

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