Containment orders

Fresh zone
q Bolinda Kharshandi Compound at Riatsamthiah
q House of R Kharjana, Pdengshnong, Lower Mawprem
q House No. 29 of A Syiemlieh, Nongrimbah
q Outhouse of Brightwell Bungalow Quarter No.4 opposite Lady Hydari Park
q House and compound of Amila Sawkmie at Oxford Hills
Order lifted
q Ramon Cottage at Oakland
q House of S Roy (tenant) in the compound of B Nongkhlaw, Howell Road Laban
q House of P Lyngdoh (tenant) in the building of S Khongjee, Anand Bhavan, Howell Road Laban
q House of Roma Devkota at Nepali compound, Rilbong
q House of Pooja Thapa at Nepali compound, Rilbong
q House of Sushila Gewali at Nepali compound, Rilbong
q Apartment of Pronoti Choudhary, Chinmoy Paul building at Rilbong (near Beat House)
q House of L Lyngdoh Mawphlang (tenant) in the building of KC Bairo, Lawsohtun Block-5
q Apartment of PN Jaiswal, tenant of LB Rapthap, Bishnupur,
q House of Gopal Thapa, Nepali Compound, Rilbong
q Building of D Wahlang opposite Sterian Rynjah Store, New Kench’s Trace, Bishnupur
q House of Champa Das Gupta, Rilbong

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