Now, nonagenarian becomes the oldest to defeat COVID

SHILLONG: Thanchhumi Yusuf Ali, mother of Prof Duncan Lyngdoh of NEHU, has triumphed over the dreaded COVID-19, thereby becoming the oldest patient from the state to recover. She was declared COVID negative after spending one week at Supercare Hospital. She was discharged on October 16, informed Prof Duncan, who said that this recovery is hope-giving.
Prof Duncan said his mother was asymptomatic and, according to government protocols, is deemed to have recovered after testing negative on October 16.
Residents of Nongkseh, Upper Shillong, Prof Duncan and his wife, too, were tested positive for the virus. While the professor was treated at Supercare, his wife did not require hospitalisation. What is significant about the recovery of the nonagenarian was that she had other underlying comorbidities.
The Shillong Times spoke to Dr RS Thangkhiew Medical Superintendent, Supercare Hospital, to find out more about how his team is tackling the challenges brought about COVID-19 and why he is diffident about sharing these positive stories.
Dr Thangkhiew responded saying, “Our duty is to treat COVID patients and give them the best care we can. Hence we have a critical care unit with the latest equipment which includes three ventilators which are the latest in the field. We have treated several COVID patients who have recovered but medical ethics demand that we do not publicise their names unless, like Prof Duncan they give their consent.”
He said that the reticence to publicise the recoveries is because the patients and their families do not wish to be subjected to stigmatisation. “Sometimes, after a patient recovering from COVID, his/her family members are stigmatised by their localities and their neighbours. We respect the privacy of patients and also their need for non-disclosure of their medical status,” he said.
For Prof Duncan, however, the recovery of his mother is great news that he wishes to share widely because he says it is important to spread hope.

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