KHADC session snippets

Mobile connectivity
The KHADC CEM, Titos Chyne, said that the Executive Committee (EC) will call the mobile operators for a meeting to deliberate over the connectivity problems faced by the residents.
The meeting will be attended by EM in charge of IT and EM in charge of Trade. Chyne informed this during a reply to the motion moved by Congress MDC Bajop Pyngrope on non-functional mobile towers falling under the jurisdiction of the Council. Pyngrope emphasised that there should be an agreement between the mobile operators and the KHADC before issuing trading licenses so as to ensure that people get uninterrupted connectivity. The Congress MDC from Rambrai said poor network connectivity is a huge problem, especially at this time when students have to attend online classes.

Legal cell
Moving a motion to discuss on legal issues related to the functioning of the KHADC and the state government, Independent MDC PN Syiem said the Council should have a strong legal cell.
He raised a concern that most of the bills passed by the KHADC are pending with the District Council Affairs department. Replying to the motion, Chyne said the EC will look into the suggestion of the MDC and see the legality in dealing with subjects. Earlier, he said that as per the EC, the state government looks at the district council differently due to the instability in the EC and different ECs are not able to focus on their task.

Tribal research institute
The KHADC EM in charge of Arts and Culture, Victor Ranee, said that the EC has not submitted representation for creation of Tribal Research Institute. To this, Chyne said there is no proposal or a follow-up on the matter but assured that the EC will look into it.

No diversion of funds 
Ranee also drew the attention of the Council to funds’ front, stating that no funds were diverted from the amount sanctioned for improvement of Khasi Heritage Villages.
Replying to a supplementary query raised by Congress MDC Lamphrang Blah, Ranee said a tender was floated on August 7 last year and work order allotted to a contractor for repair of traditional huts including furnishing and maintenance.
Responding to further questions, Council CEM Titos Chyne said that the traditional huts were repaired as the KHADC intended to conduct Monolith festival. He also said the EC is looking forward to have discussions with the Hima Mawphlang on heritage villages. The sanctioned amount for improving the heritage villages is Rs 70 lakh while mobilisation advance is Rs 20 lakh.

Council building
EM in charge of Council Building, Teiborlang Pathaw, said that the Nongpoh Guesthouse was completed in 2019 and is waiting for the pandemic situation to be done away with.
As for Jingkiengkalong Resort, the work is under progress (at 70 per cent). He further informed that the construction of Mawkyrwat Branch Office has been completed but the government has requested the Council to extend the time to the government to utilise it as Corona Care Center.

Trading license
Chyne said the matter of issuing trading licenses is sensitive. Chyne stood up to reply on the trading license issue in light of EM in charge of Trade, Rangkynsai Kharbuki, facing a barrage of questions from the Opposition members on fresh issue and renewal of trading licenses.
He assured the MDCs on Wednesday to ensure that the issuance of trading licenses is made stringent and to control the process so that it is not haphazard.

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