BCCI may back New Zealand’s Barclay for ICC chairman’s post

New Delhi: The BCCI is likely to back the candidature of New Zealand’s Greg Barclay over Singapore’s Imran Khwaja in the elections for the ICC chairman, a post vacated by India’s Shashank Manohar after two terms in July this year.
Barclay and Khwaja are the only two candidates contesting for the chairman’s post and the 16-member all-powerful ICC Board is set to vote in the first week of December.
While hectic back-channel talks are on to find a unanimous candidate and put up a picture of unity among the Board of Directors (mostly comprising of member nations), it is highly unlikely that Khwaja will have the backing of the Indian cricket board.
There are a few issues due to which current ICC deputy chairman Khwaja won’t find favour with the BCCI.
Firstly, the role played by him along with Manohar to roll back the proposed revenue model in which India, England and Australia stood to gain more.
The matter was up for vote and Khwaja and Manohar, had back then, gathered enough votes to crush the BCCI.
Secondly, the ICC in 2019, had drawn up a rough calendar for the 2023 FTP cycle and till 2028, each and every year, there was a senior men’s flagship event kept in that, the revenues from which would have benefitted the smaller nations. It is understood that the white paper that ICC prepared had Khwaja’s tacit support.
That Khwaja will not have BCCI’s backing is also a given considering his proximity to Pakistan Cricket Board head Ehsan Mani. The BCCI and PCB have had their share of differences in the ICC board. (PTI)

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