New Covid SOP comes into force from Aug 23; night curfew in EKH


SHILLONG, August 21:  The East Khasi Hills district administration has imposed following COVID related Containment Measures in the district with effect from August 23 till further orders:

  1. NIGHT CURFEW will be promulgated under Section 144 CrPC w.e.f 7:00 PM sharp to 5:00 AM daily

in East Khasi Hills District. There shall be a total ban on movement during this time.

  1. Political, public and social gatherings are not permitted including conferences, meetings and trainings.
  2. Inter-district movement as well as movement to and from Shillong Urban Agglomeration is restricted and only those with valid passes are permitted to ply.
  3. Entry of tourists is not permitted and all tourist spots in East Khasi Hills shall remain closed.
  4. Opening of essential and non-essential commercial establishments/shops/malls/other economic activities is permitted and will be regulated as per this office order No.C&S.2/CVD/2021/ORD/267 dated 21.08.2021. All shops are required to indicate vaccination status of their staff in the shop premises.
  5. Construction activities in East Khasi Hills are permitted with due permission from this office and the Sub Divisional Officers (C)/Block Development Officers concerned.
  6. Home delivery/Takeaway services, e-commerce activities and courier services are permitted and will be regulated via order No.C&S.2/CVD/2021/ORD/269 dated 21.08.2021.
  7. Central Government offices and State Government offices are permitted to function at 30% strength. Essential Departments of the State Department shall function at strength as decided by the Administrative heads.
  8. All Banks and Post offices are permitted to open at 50 % strength. Banks shall close by 4:00 PM for public transactions and Post offices shall close by 2:00 PM.
  9. Agricultural activities and MGNREGA activities are permitted. Efforts should be made to complete vaccination of all concerned.
  10. International border trade is permitted and will be regulated by the Sub Divisional Officers (C) concerned with approval by the undersigned.
  11. Saloons and Beauty Parlours are permitted to open, subject to strict compliance to the Protocols issued by this office vide Order No.C&S.2/CVD/2021/ORD/197 dated 10th July, 2021.
  12. Private offices are permitted to open at 50% strength. They shall submit the application including the number of employees and their vaccination status to this office at [email protected] for permission.
  13. Offices of Colleges are permitted to open at 50% strength, with due permission from this office. Number of employees and their vaccination status is required to be furnished to [email protected]. Strict adherence to SOPs is to be ensured during any offline activities including admissions and submission of answer scripts.
  14. Offices of Schools may be permitted to open daily, at 50% strength. LP and UP Schools will give

intimation to the Sub Divisional School Education Officer, East Khasi Hills District regarding the

number of staff and their vaccination status while Secondary & Higher Secondary Schools will give

similar intimation to the District School Education Officer, East Khasi Hills District. All protocols are to

be strictly followed.

  1. Gymnasium/Yoga Institutes/Fitness Centres are permitted to re-open for vaccinated persons only and as per protocols dated 1st March, 2021 issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. They shall apply for prior permission to the Incident Commander concerned, and furnish details of number of staff and vaccination status of all employees.

Latest Restrictions/Relaxations: –

  1. Public parks like Ward’s Lake, Lady Hydari Park, etc., are permitted to re-open for vaccinated persons, subject to compliance to protocols. Other Parks privately owned are also permitted to re-open for vaccinated persons. They will submit an application to this office at [email protected], with detailed plan for SOPs and Undertaking. The respective Sub Divisional Officer (C), Sohra/Pynursla will also receive applications along with an undertaking and regulate opening of these parks as per SOP.
  2. The following sports activities are permitted subject to compliance with the SOPs issued by the Sports. They shall apply for permission to this office at

[email protected]:

  1. a) Non-Contact viz., Archery, Shooting, Cycling, Athletics and Running.
  2. b) Indirect Contact Sports viz., Golf, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis, Snooker,

Weightlifting and Billiards.

  1. c) Minimal-Contact Sports viz., Football, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Handball and

Cricket for training purposes only by Sports Clubs and Associations.

  1. d) Sports Competitions for (a), (b) and (c) above with only officials and no spectators.
  2. e) Swimming in places with regulated entry such as resorts, club pools and public pools with

staggered timings and prior bookings. They will apply to this office for permission

with plan for compliance to SOPs.

Categories (b, c, d and e) is restricted to persons above 18 who are vaccinated.

  1. Teer Counters and archery are permitted to open four times a week, subject to strict compliance to protocols.
  2. Private and public/commercial Transport in East Khasi Hills is permitted at 50% capacity.
  3. Cyber-cafes are permitted to open as per SOP No.ITR.49/2011/216 dated 17.08.2021. As per the SOP of Information Technology & Communication Department, cyber cafes are required to register with the office of the Deputy Commissioner. Registered cyber cafes are permitted to open on the shop opening days.
  4. Funeral gatherings should be restricted to 20 persons only, with prior permission from this office.
  5. Religious places/Places of Worship are permitted to re-open, subject to strict compliance with the SOP

issued by the Home (Political) Department vide Order No.POL.75/2020/Pt.1/108 dated 13.08.2021.

  1. Marriage Rituals: –
  2. Solemnization of marriages/engagements in religious places/places of worships is permitted with

prior permission from this office and subject to strict compliance to point (III. 2(b)) of the SOP

issued by the Home (Political) Department vide Order No.POL.75/2020/Pt.1/108 dated

13.08.2021. The total number of persons (bride and groom, family members, celebrants, etc.

including invitees) in place of worship should be limited to one-third the seating capacity of

the place of worship or 50 persons, whichever is less.

  1. Marriage/engagement ceremonies outside religious places/places of worship like marriage hall,

residence, etc. is permitted with prior permission from this office. The number of persons shall not

exceed 20 attendees in total (including bride and groom, family members, celebrants, etc.

including invitees).

iii. Wedding reception is not permitted


  1. Health services including emergency services and vaccination.
  2. Medicines and Pharmaceuticals.
  3. Movement of essential goods.
  4. Movement for medical emergencies.
  5. Persons travelling on Essential Government duty viz.,
  6. Medical Teams and officials on COVID-19 Duty.
  7. Police, Security and Armed Forces
  8. Civil Defence and Home Guards.
  9. Fire & Emergency Services.
  10. Electricity.
  11. Water Supply.
  12. Municipal Services.
  13. Public Distribution System.
  14. Information and Public Relations.
  15. Telecommunication services.
  16. Print & Electronic Media.
  17. NARI/ 1917iTEAMS.
  18. Petrol pumps.
  19. LPG Distributors.
  20. Essential Veterinary services including feed and fodder movement for livestock for farmers.

In view of the urgency of the matter this Order has been made ex parte.

Given under my hand and seal this the 21st of August, 2021

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