Khyndai Lad bursting at the seams

SHILLONG, April 2: The Khyndai Lad junction has become one of the most congested areas of the capital city with vehicles and pedestrians vying for space.
A long time ago, tiles were installed in the entire Police Bazar area with a view to making it a walking zone like the MG Marg in Gangtok. This continued for some time.
But the rules were changed all of a sudden. Today, vehicles inch through Police Bazar packed with scores of hawkers and hundreds of people every day.
Some pedestrians said accidents are waiting to happen at the busy junction and the stretches beyond, particularly from Khyndai Lad to Quinton Road where many people crowd around street food vendors.
Locals said a lack of planning on the part of the government could make things worse in the days to come.

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