Let’s have more faith in God than in religion



Is our security under threat? It is a serious question. It must put all of us on high alert. The recent spate of arrests of various sympathisers or activists by Assam police who have a direct link with dreaded terrorists outside the country is disquieting, “HYC raises security concern over threat of jihadi groups” (ST, 6 August, 2022). The investigating agencies found loads of incriminating evidence to establish the fact. Similar is the case in other states like West Bengal and Kerala, apart from Kashmir. What is shocking is that, at times, even MLAs and MPs have also been reported to be hand-in-gloves with such fundamentalist forces. I am afraid that simple people from remote areas have been insidiously radicalised. They are brought up and groomed to think of others as their enemies. How on earth can one who believes in the Almighty see others who also devoutly worship the same Almighty as enemies? If I am not mistaken, there must be a complete “misinterpretation” of our Holy scriptures. One wonders why the omniscient God is viewed through the prism of dogmatism. Please behold, when TRUTH shudders in fear, falsehood runs amok!
A Lahore-born rationalist scholar from London, Umar Khalid, who regularly bursts out through his social media posts, laments — “the religious indoctrination which is quite rampant in a certain section of people is the root cause of the increasing bad blood and hatred. Instead of teaching the values of compassion, they are taught otherwise from an early age”. The frequent down-to-earth and bold opinions have won Mr Khalid a huge following worldwide.
Of course, humanity should not be held to ransom by anyone. Tolerance, compassion and service towards fellow brethren – regardless of their caste, creed and nationality, are fundamental to existential harmony and peace. Let’s all learn to stand together and help strengthen the bond of brotherhood. We are most endearing to God when we love each other instead of fighting with each other. God is infinite, his creation is infinite, and so loving Him cannot be the prerogative of a “finite” few!

Yours etc.,

Salil Gewali,


Need to do away with election inducements


The recent news of the Aam Aadmi Party offering Rs 1000 to Gujarati women if voted to power should fall in the category of an open bribery. The same thing was done by Mr. Modi while contesting the 2014 general elections for BJP. Mr. Modi openly bribed the nation by promising 15 lakhs in each person’s account, acche din and what not. In fact, all political contestants’ promises should be considered an open bribe.
The Election Commission must declare such practices as criminal against which appropriate punishments should be put in place and must direct all the contesting parties to refrain from making such references. This sort of act not only induces voters to vote for the wrong politician, but it is also detrimental to the whole political system and the sound functioning of democracy.
Instead, during elections, past assessment reports of the contesting parties and the contestants must be brought to the fore in which their achievement, capacity and capability etc., are critically and factually analyzed and must be disseminated to the voters. This would enable the voters to make sound choices and vote for the contesting parties and politicians on merit rather than tall claims which never come to pass.
The political parties and contesting politicians must think how stupid and gullible the voters are as we continuously fall for tall briberies in each succeeding election and this is profoundly saddening. It’s like we are blindly digging our own graves while they laugh at us and offer us trenchers and shovels. Furthermore, had there been an independent Ministry monitoring the works of the elected government after each election: regional, state, national, then right governance, accountability, transparency would have accompanied the political system in India. As of now, most of the works and the methods utilized are shrouded in mystery of which we, the common people have no knowledge of.
The act of promises during elections must be put to an end and merit- based elections must be initiated. I know this is quite an impossible task in the current political climate. However, we can continue to inspire each other so that the idea remains intact.

Yours etc.,

Name withheld on request,

Via email

MeECL to have a technocrat MD!


I presume it is welcome news for all Meghalayans, to hear from Power Minister, Prestone Tynrong, that the crumbling state power Corporation, MeECL, within a short time, is going to be headed by a technocrat as its MD. In fact, the Corporation should have been headed by a technocrat since it was incorporated in 2003. The intervening MDs (bureaucrats) for last 19 plus years have not really understood the role of the MD in a corporation and probably they have not understood the duties, functions and the dynamics of running a corporation. They took their assignments casually as if it is like running a government department with no qualms of conscience, accountability and responsibilities. Even the work culture of the employees of this Power Corporation is exactly the same as that of the government employees and there were and are no signs at all of corporate work culture displayed by them.
Now, what is quite concerning is that even after having a technocrat heading the Corporation and all its subsidiaries, if the employees do not cooperate with the head and do not change their attitudes, work culture and mindset then the fear is that the Corporation will not experience any drastic change not only in work culture but in its financial performance because the ultimate goal of MeECL is not only to generate power, transmit it and distribute power through power distribution verticals to consumers who need it but to earn enough profits to be able to sustain itself both in the short term and long term. But to meet these principal objectives the Corporation has to discharge its duties responsibly, efficiently, transparently and above all effectively. As of today its performance is woefully wanting in many ways and in fact this Corporation is in a shambles because since the time when it was a State Electricity Board it has been used by the powers that be and by certain categories of its employees as a milch cow. Yes, it has enriched too many but the price that the State has to pay is very dear and heavy till date.

Yours etc.,

Philip Marwein,

Sr. Journalist,