Nagaland church member gets ‘vision’ of Umiam dam collapse

Representational image of dam.

SHILLONG, Aug 21: In what could be called a rare spiritual phenomenon, some members of the Baptist Revival Church in Dimapur and Kohima went on a three-day fasting and prayer from August 13-15 after one member of the group had a ‘vision’ of the Umiam dam bursting and taking a heavy toll of human lives and property. The prophecy came to one of the prayer warriors from amongst a group of 24 whilst they were praying for their own programme.
A source from Nagaland informed The Shillong Times that the prophecy came out of the blue through a prayer warrior who had a sudden vision about the Umiam dam while the group was praying for their own concerns. The prayer group said they neither had any idea about the dam and nor was it discussed prior to the prayer time. But since one among the prayer group prophesied very clearly the group fasted and prayed for three days from August 13-15.
The Church prayer group of around 24 people plan to visit the Umiam dam on August 30 to intercede on its behalf and to pray for the safety of people residing in the downstream areas of the dam and also for the hydroelectric project and the fact that the bridge spanning the Umiam Dam is a life link for the people of Shillong and beyond.
It is learnt that this prayer group has in the past visited several cities which were revealed in prophecies to members of the group.