Vicky Kaushal reacts to video in which he is seen being pushed by Salman Khan’s security


Shillong, May 27: Vicky Kaushal and Salman Khan are both in Abu Dhabi for IIFA 2023. A video of Vicky getting pushed by Salman’s security detail yesterday evening went viral.

A video from IIFA 2023 went viral on May 26. Vicky Kaushal was pushed away by Salman Khan’s security as he attempted to talk to Salman Khan. This caused a stir on social media. Vicky was observed talking with the media at the green carpet later that day in the evening. He also mentioned the viral occurrence.

“There is frequently pointless conversation about stuff”, he said and added “It serves no purpose. The video doesn’t accurately portray how things are. It serves no purpose to discuss that”.

Vicky Kaushal was pushed aside by Salman Khan’s security as he attempted to speak with him in a video from IIFA 2023 that surfaced yesterday. The video quickly became popular online and split internet users.