MDC accuses Ardent of sowing discord

VPP president


Tura, June 1: TMC leader and GHADC MDC from Rongrong, Rinaldo K Sangma on Thursday came down heavily on VPP leader, Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit for trying to incite tension between the Khasi and the Garo tribes on the job quota issue despite actual data and statistics being available.

“It is disheartening to see that despite the data and statistics available on which community among the Major Meghalayan tribal brethren has been enjoying perks and the lion’s share of the Reservation Policy since the inception of our State, MLA Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit consciously is insistent on creating a sense of discord and widening the chasm between Garos and the Khasi Jaintia communities,” Sangma said.

Prima facie, Sangma said that it was evident by the numbers, that  Garos have been the deprived lot in all aspects and the High Court acknowledged this deprivation and hence directed the roster system to be implemented.

“Ardent’s adamant and callous attitude hinders the goodwill and harmonious co-existence between the tribals of Meghalaya. A leader of his stature should understand the repercussions of such impetuous actions. His call for review of the Reservation Policy is censured and all backlogs belonging to the Garo Community must be compensated prior to the call for such review,” the MDC demanded.

According to the MDC, the best solution to the current imbroglio is the creation of a Winter Capital as promised by the founding fathers of Meghalaya.

“Maybe in the coming years, with social equity and establishment of proper Educational & Administration institutions, we shall compete at par and deliberate on reviewing the Reservation Policy,” he added, while appealing for peace as well as the maintenance of status quo on the matter.