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Country punishing Congress for its ‘sins’: PM Modi


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JAIPUR, April 21: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the country is punishing the Congress for its “sins” and the party that had once won 400 seats is unable to contest 300 seats in this Lok Sabha election.
“Those who cannot contest elections, cannot win elections have fled the field. This time, they have come to Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan. The condition of Congress is so bad,” Modi said at an election rally in Jalore district.
Former Congress president Sonia Gandhi is among the MPs elected to Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan in February.
Several Congress veterans have not been fielded in this Lok Sabha election, but the party has rejected suggestions that they were shying away from contesting.
“In the first phase of voting, half of Rajasthan has punished Congress. Rajasthan, which is full of patriotism, knows that Congress can never make India strong,” PM Modi said.
He said the country does not want the conditions which existed before 2014 to return.
“The Congress has hollowed out the country by spreading termites of nepotism and corruption. And today, the country is angry with the Congress and is punishing it for these sins. The youths are so angry that they do not want to see the Congress’ face again.”
Modi was addressing the public meeting in Bhinmal in support of BJP candidate Lumbaram Chaudhary.
“The Congress has itself to blame for its present condition … The party that had once won 400 seats is unable to contest 300 seats on its own. Today, the condition of Congress is such that it is unable to find candidates.
“They have formed an opportunistic INDI Alliance, (it is like) a kite whose string has been cut before it could fly,” he said.
Modi said it was an alliance only in name as its constituents were fighting against each other in many states.”
In this Lok Sabha election, there are twenty five per cent seats in the country where people of this alliance are busy finishing off each other, contesting elections against each other.
“If there is so much fighting before the elections, then you can imagine how much more they will fight for the loot after the elections. Can we hand over such a big country to these people?”
Modi alleged that the Congress, which ruled for 60 years, had deprived “our mothers and sisters” of even “small things like toilets, gas, electricity, water, bank accounts”.
Referring to the rule of the Congress-led UPA, PM Modi alleged that people used to threaten the weak Congress-led government and everyone was busy looting the country.
Tribals angry with Cong
Modi accused the Congress party of ignoring the welfare of tribals, saying it could not find a single person from the Adivasi community who could be the President of the country during its 60-year rule.
“Were the tribals not capable? Just see the Congress’ mindset. But in 2014, you blessed us.., and now a tribal daughter is the country’s president. This is real participation. This is the spirit of the Constitution given by Babasaheb,” Modi said addressing a public meeting in Banswara in support of BJP’s Mahendrajeet Singh Malviya.
Modi said that the BJP is committed towards the welfare of the poor and works honestly, but the Congress sells “fear, hunger and corruption in its shop”.
He alleged that the Congress has always instilled fear among the Dalits, tribals and minorities and is now spreading lies about democracy , the Constitution and reservation to scare them. (PTI)


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