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Kilometre Zero: Promoting art, sustainable habits


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RI-BHOI, May 11: In an effort to promote the concept of ‘Kilometre Zero’, which advocates the conscious choice of purchasing quality products and consuming them as close as possible to their place of production to ensure freshness, seasonality, and biodiversity, three like-minded individuals and friends, Dalarympei Sabrina Kharmawphlang, Lamerphylla Damesha Kharsati, and Maya Ika Lamar, on Saturday organised Pyn-Che-Kilometre Zero in Kyrdemkulai, Ri-Bhoi.
Their initiative had previously held its inaugural edition in Faridabad last December.
With approximately 50 participants, the event showcased a fusion of locally sourced food and artistic expressions, in a bid to highlight the significance of reconnecting with nature.
Notably, there was a forage aisle curated by Kharmawphlang and Chef Ahme, featuring ingredients sourced directly from the farm, including meat and shrimp.
Interactive cooking and serving sessions allowed attendees to rediscover the joy of using locally sourced ingredients, with Kharmawphlang, a culinary expert, emphasising the satisfaction derived from natural ingredients and traditional cooking techniques.
Attendees also had the opportunity to engage in art therapy activities such as mural painting, facilitated by Lamar, an art therapist, who explained the importance of acknowledging our interconnectedness with the environment and encouraged participants to communicate with nature.
Lamar also highlighted the potential of art therapy to reinforce positive behaviors and assist individuals in addressing various issues, emphasising its role in enhancing creativity and problem-solving skills.
Inclusivity and self-expression were fundamental principles of the art therapy sessions, fostering a non-judgmental environment for individuals to freely express themselves.
The initiative aimed at promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship. By sourcing ingredients locally and emphasising transparent consumption practices, the initiative aimed to educate participants about the origins of their food and promote sustainable consumption habits.
Kharsati, who is based in Delhi and works in the social sector, mentioned the holistic nature of the initiative, emphasising the importance of conscious consideration for both nature and oneself.
As a symbolic gesture of environmental stewardship, guests received biodegradable seed sheets, which they planted in the farm.
The trio is also set to host their third session in Himachal Pradesh this autumn.


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