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Water supply in state has improved: PHE minister


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SHILLONG, May 12: PHE Minister Marcuise N Marak on Sunday said the water crisis in the state has been averted and the supply has improved and is expected to become better with the advent of monsoon.
“The situation has started improving now and it will further improve when the monsoon arrives,” Marak said.
He reminded that a review meeting was held to analyse the situation and initiate necessary short-term and long-term strategies to mitigate the water crisis.
Residents of the state have got a much-needed respite from the heat and the minimal supply of water following rainfall of the past week. According to the Meteorological department, the rainfall will continue for a few more days with breaks in between the spell.
Recently, the state was staring at an impending water crisis which is the most severe the state has ever witnessed with most of the sources providing potable water, including main reservoirs, drying up.
The worst scenario was in Garo Hills and East Khasi Hills.
Several localities in the capital city were suffering with water supply down to the bare minimum amid rising temperatures and a prolonged dry spell.
It was reported that the water sources supplying potable water to the various localities were slowly drying up and fear loomed large about the situation turning worse if there is no rainfall for another week. People involved in the business of running water tankers were also complaining about their supply being affected.
The Dorbar Shnongs had also appealed the state government to take steps to protect the various water bodies, sources and catchment areas, especially with the rampant increase of new settlement.
PHE Chief Engineer Badarisha M Lyndem had recently issued a notice stating that due to the ongoing dry weather conditions and various factors, the water level at the Mawphlang Dam, the main source of drinking water supply to the residents of Shillong City, has decreased notably.
She however added that despite this decrease, the storage capacity of the dam still allows for water distribution for another three to four months under the prevailing circumstances.
“In light of this situation, public have been requested to use water judiciously and adopt water-saving practices wherever possible,” she had added.


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