Former ANVC leader slams GSU president

SHILLONG: Former ANVC rebel Bernard N Marak has slammed GSU president Tengsak Momin for derailing the actual objective of the Agreed Text of 2014.
Marak also questioned the legitimacy of Momin’s intention saying that he is an unelected president of the GSU who also holds the post of ANVC representative at Delhi.
He also said he will raise objection in the next monitoring committee meeting as Momin has nothing to do with the Agreed Text.
‘The GSU is led by an ANVC representative.I want the people to know this because he is using the NGOs to defame me. He is representing as GSU president in Meghalaya and as ANVC representative at Delhi,’ Marak said.
He said Momin cannot claim to representing both the organisations and added that he is fooling the GSU as well as the public.
He also questioned the people backing him saying that the government, GHADC and political parties are obliged to the dictates put forward by them. ‘Am I the only one who is unmoved?,’ he asked.
‘My boys want to regroup to tackle the situation, but I look forward to the administration and law but if they fail, I will handle it’, he said.
Marak said Momin was involved in obstructing the smooth conduction of election in the last GHADC polls, yet no action has been taken.
He also accused Momin and his group for the petrol bomb attack at GHADC polls where a bike was burnt to create fear psychosis among the public.
He also said that Momin was behind the daylight attack and robbery at his firm GLR pharmaceuticals and the Bokmagre petrol pump attack.
He also asked Momin to remove the GSU president’s name plate from his ‘special’ vehicle because he is unelected, adding that free petrol to these groups must be stopped immediately or else free petrol should be given to all public.

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