Stop boulder export to Bangladesh: GSU to DC

 TURA: The Garo Students’ Union (GSU) from Ampati has complained against the resumption of boulder export to Bangladesh along State Highway No 12 from Garobadha to Mahendraganj via Ampati-Zikzak despite the fragile situation in view of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In its complaint to the South West Garo Hills Deputy Commissioner, President of the Union Salman D Sangma questioned the permission given to the Mahendraganj Exporter Association pointing out that all protocols of COVID-19 and guidelines given by Supreme Court has been violated by allowing the activity.

“Covid-19 active cases are increasing alarmingly in the neighbouring country. And if these trucks are allowed ply on the district’s roads to and from Bangladesh, there is high risk of infection to the local populace. So the boulder transport should be stopped immediately,” Sangma said.

Sangma added that the trucks are carrying loads well above the permitted limit which amounts to violation of the guidelines of the Apex Court of India and the same has also started to damage the newly constructed Garobadha-Dalu via Ampati-Mahendraganj road.

“The Supreme Court in the Month of December, 2015 had passed a directive to curb overloading. The apex court, in its verdict, has directed the state governments to strictly implement the loading limits for trucks and passenger vehicles, but that directive is not being followed. There are various cases before the Supreme court regarding over loading of vehicles,” Sangma reminded.

Further, pointing to the strict guidelines already issued by the State Government with regard to inter-state travel, Sangma said that it was shocking to find that boulder export to Bangladesh was going on in full swing and urged the deputy commissioner to immediately stop the activity to ensure the safety of the local people.

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