July 24 rally call illegal: EKH DC’s office

By Our Reporter

SHILLONG, July 21: The East Khasi Hills district administration has taken cognizance of a post going viral in social media asking citizens to gather at Motphran on July 24 from 12 noon to 4 pm for a peaceful demonstration rally as part of a worldwide rally for freedom, and has termed the event as illegal.
The post on social media platforms has asked people to gather for a rally for freedom from mandatory lockdowns, restrictions, vaccination and discrimination based on citizens’ vaccine status.
The post by a group called Awaken India Movement said that people from 100 cities across the world including Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad will stand up for the same cause on the same day.
Citizens have been asked to participate in the rally which will begin at Motphran and end at Madan Iewrynghep (Fire Brigade).
Reacting to the post, the East Khasi Hills DC’s office said that as responsible citizens, all should remember that everyone all have a role to play in containing the pandemic and regaining a sense of normalcy.
“Lockdowns or restrictions are put in place to prevent the worst outcomes of this pandemic — uncontrolled transmission, severe infections and deaths. Masks are worn because they are scientifically proven to prevent disease transmission. Vaccination is universally recognised as the only protection against this disease and any future deadlier variants, and the only hope to resume life as we knew it,” a statement from the DC’s office said.
The statement also said that the event is illegal as per prohibitory orders which are in place and no permission has been sought or granted for the purpose.
“Instead of organising events that can be hotspots for infection, we urge well-minded citizens with time on their hands to instead volunteer to help in our Corona Care Centres or COVID Transportation Cells. The freedom we seek is from COVID-19. We are all together, to protect each other. Be the solution, not the cause,” the statement added.

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