Water crisis grips parts of Shillong

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SHILLONG, Oct 2: As the state immerses itself in festivity, East Shillong Constituency is in for some major water crisis and the PHE department is apparently out of reach.
“I have received reports from all parts of our constituency; water crisis is very acute now. We don’t know what is going on. I have been given the impression that the GSWSS Phase III is actually working much better,” said East Shillong MLA Ampareen Lyngdoh.
Pointing out that the crisis has come at a wrong time, Lyngdoh said, “Puja is in the air. All pandals are suffering, citizens are suffering; nobody has any water in the constituency. If you don’t believe (it), just check the number of water tankers taking water to their home”.
Revealing that she attempted to get through to the PHE officials, the MLA said all their phones are switched off.
“I do not understand why all their phones are switched off. This is absolutely unbecoming as the city of Shillong is breaking into a joyous moment of Durga Puja celebration and this is what we give the people,” she said.
Lyngdoh has asked the authorities to attend to the crisis and fix the problem. “I am requesting the government to attend to this crisis and sort it out before people feel very disappointed. At this point of time, we have had enough rain but something is not going right. Sort it out immediately,” she said.
All is not well in North Shillong Constituency as many localities have reported disruption in water supply for the past four days, according to local MLA Adelbert Nongrum, who was has requested the PHE Minister, Renikton L Tongkhar, to intervene in the matter.
The localities which have been affected due to the breakdown in the water supply are Mawkhar, Jaiaw, Riatsamthiah, Wahingdoh and some more. According to Nongrum, these localities do not face the problem of water scarcity except during winters — to a certain extent.
“But there is no supply of water to these localities for the past four days. The residents of these localities are facing immense difficulties,” the MLA said.
He has urged the concerned minister to take the necessary steps to ensure that water supply to the aforementioned localities is restored.