Sand mafia tries to hit district collector’s car in Maharashtra

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Shillong, May 28: A truck of sand mafia that was allegedly carrying illegal sand after mining tried to hit the car in which the District Collector of Beed in Maharashtra was travelling.

Police stated on Saturday that after a female officer chased the truck and sought to stop it, the driver of a dumper truck hit the car.

In the early hours of Thursday, the event took place in the Gevrai taluka of the Beed district. Collector Deepa Mudhol Munde’s car got trapped in the sand after the dumper driver unexpectedly dumped its load on the road, and her police guard climbed onto the truck to try to stop it.

According to a spokesperson, the dumper driver was detained by police on Friday on suspicion of trying to murder someone.

“At around 3.15 am on Thursday, the district collector was travelling from Aurangabad to Beed in her official vehicle with her bodyguard when she noticed a dumper hauling sand close to the Madalmohi village in Gevrai. The truck had no licence plates”, a police officer reported.

The collector asked that the driver of her vehicle attempt to halt the dumper. The driver of the second vehicle was then given the go-ahead to halt, but he did not. In order to get the truck to stop, the collector then told the driver to move their car in front of it. But as soon as he did, the dumper driver allegedly upped the speed of his car and attempted to hit the collector’s car.