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Premium petrol and snooty workers vex city motorists!


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SHILLONG, June 25: More often than not, motorists in Shillong find themselves engaging in a squabble with fuel pump workers who, knowingly or unknowingly, fill their tanks with the Extra Premium petrol without explicit consent burning a bigger hole in people’s pockets.
Motorists are increasingly frustrated. This practice forces drivers to pay more, often without their awareness.
The price difference between normal petrol and extra premium petrol can be significant, with normal petrol priced at Rs 96.27 per litre and extra premium petrol around Rs 102 per litre, a difference of Rs 5-6.
One aggrieved food delivery driver shared, “I was sometimes told that the powered petrol will help my scooty give more mileage, but I slowly realisd it is a sham and there is hardly any truth to it.” He added, “Sometimes they just put it in and say it was by mistake.”
Another motorist echoing this sentiment, explained, “There are times I explicitly say no, that I do not want to put it, but if it’s usually the later part of the night, it has happened to me more than once when they say that there is no other form of petrol available and that’s why they have to use this.”
There is a common misconception that extra premium petrol, often referred to as power petrol, always enhances vehicle performance. However, this is not necessarily true.
Experts suggest that power fuel is only beneficial when a vehicle’s engine knocks or rattles with normal petrol. The owner’s manual usually specifies if higher octane fuel is required. Using power petrol in an engine designed for normal petrol can lead to unnecessary expenses without any performance benefits.
Conversely, using normal petrol in an engine that requires power petrol can result in lower power and speed.
Many motorists are calling for regulatory mechanisms to address this issue.
A city resident, Esther Kharbuli, while filling up his tank, said, “I have noticed this across petrol pumps, and sometimes it gets annoying. Even if it is good for our vehicle, we should get the option to choose, and not be forced.”
While logistical issues might sometimes justify the absence of normal petrol, making it a regular affair is problematic for consumers.
Kharbuli along with the other motorists urge the authorities to implement better regulations to ensure transparency and fairness at petrol pumps, thereby alleviating the frustration shared by many in the city.


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