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Family files murder case after Tura resident found dead in Goalpara rehabilitation centre, ASPF demands justice


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Tura, July 6: Family members of a Tura resident, Niksamseng Marak (36), along with members of the Achik State People’s Front (ASPF) have filed a case of murder after their son was found dead inside the bathroom of a rehabilitation centre in the town of Goalpara, Assam.

Following their complaint, at least 7 persons from the rehabilitation centre were arrested with the police confirming more arrests were to be made in the case.

According to reports, Niksamseng was on his way towards Guwahati when he met two persons who he was acquainted with who wanted a ride with him. Marak allowed them in his car. However, their car was stopped near the Krishnai Bridge by the police and they were allegedly detained by the Krishnai police for close to 8 hours.

However, family members alleged that Marak was sent to a rehabilitation centre without the approval of the Court and that is where his problems began.

Marak was sent to the New Life Foundation Rehabilitation Centre on July 3 and the family was shocked to learn that he had died by hanging in the bathroom the next day, July 4, between 12 – 4 PM.

Not believing the centre’s version of the story, the family awaited the post mortem report which clearly ruled out suicide. Marak was allegedly beaten to death by one or more members of the centre and his murderer (s) tried to pass it off as a suicide.

In the FIR filed by the family, a thorough investigation into the incident has been sought.

“We were misinformed by the rehab centre on the cause of death of Niksamseng. They initially said that the victim had hanged himself before saying that he committed suicide by banging his head on the wall multiple times. Later they changed this statement as well and said that there was a fight among the patients which led to his death,” stated the FIR.

The sister of the victim stated that there were no injury marks to the head and the body bore signs of being brutally beaten.

“There were severe injuries on his chin, leg, hips and also a deep knife cut on the left side of his face. It clearly shows that he was brutally beaten, stabbed and tortured to death. The PM report too says that the death was not by suicide and we have a copy of the report. When we investigated further, we came to know that the centre does not even have proper documentation and none of them have psychiatric or psychological degrees.  The centre needs to be investigated,” said the sister of the victim.

Meanwhile ASPF leader Bernita Marak informed that the family had contacted her late at night and sought her help. As she was unable to get there, she informed members of her group nearest to Goalpara to help the victim’s family.

“We contacted the DC, the SP and have sought a thorough investigation into the case. Following the FIR, 7 persons have been arrested and more will be. The entire centre needs to be shut down and those guilty given the severest punishment for taking a young life. He was not even aware the people he allowed in his car were drug peddlers and he lost his life for no fault of his. This is highly unjustified and we demand that justice be given to the family,” said Bernita in her statement.

Bernita added that after his arrest, the Krishnai police, without his family’s consent, sent the victim to a rehab.   The FIR was lodged yesterday, July 5 in the Goalpara PS in Assam.


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